in the area of the breast the tessellation on a garment is shown in detail
A bra for every body
Silke Hofmann
A garment to support individual body topologies. Blurring the divide between underwear and clothing we collaborated with clothing designer Silke Hofmann to create parametric pattern designs.
Our role:
Design partnership
Design exploration
Parametric design
Demonstrator development
two persons discussing details in the design of the pattern on a prototype of the garment


Situated in the female health spectrum this project focuses on aesthetic and ergonomic bra needs of females affected by breast cancer after mastectomy. The project is lead by the doctoral researcher and clothing designer Silke Hofmann. In her research she is interested in the wearer-garment relationship and in design processes that advocate participation.

a 3d scan of a user is used to create a hightmap of the upper back
● 3d scan to create a height-map of the upper back

We developed a parametric definition containing rules specifically adapted to the individual body topology, the sensations and feedback of the model Viktoria Prantauer.

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Paramteric Design

The pattern is constructed to be activated at the moment of wearing. When tensile forces act upon the garment the laminated pattern directs them accordingly. Thus the lamination supports the breast and distributes forces to the lower back without using metal or hard plastic parts. The pattern is designed to work asymmetrically and on bases of the individual body shape.

a female user wears the white top, the pattern consists of gray detailsa female user jumps while wearing the final top in white
you can see the backside of the top and the x shaped asymmetrical distribution of the pattern, all on a black top with black details

Bra alternative design
Silke Hofmann

Engineering knit design
Case Studies

Model and co-design
Viktoria Prantauer

Arnaud Ele
Silke Hofmann
WINT Design Lab

Support structure and concept
WINT Design Lab

Carl Bahra

Project Funding

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