A common point of departure. We spark ideas, co-create, and design together with cutting-edge clients to explore regenerative futures.


WINT is an industrial design and research lab supporting brands in the development of sustainable materials, regenerative concepts, and circularity strategies. We ideate, prototype and implement future-proof solutions to foster long-term success. Leveraging our labs knowhow, we co-create together with inhouse teams and build long term design partnerships. 

Regenerative design

Ideation and scoping - based on the Planetary Design Circle we help our clients to find sustainable potentials, reimagine materials, and envision circular business models. Together we focus on the long-term relevance of businesses in conjunction with ecological KPI’s.

Design research

Deep dive - a research speedboat to explore fields that would otherwise be left untouched. With a background in academic research and applied science we efficiently collect brand-specific insights, review trends and evaluate technical innovations to foster decision making.

Product design

Look and feel - we design products and demonstrators. We rely on deep expertise in parametric design, textile prototyping, design for manufacturing, and product visualization. Our infrastructure enables us to develop, design, and manufacture prototypes quickly and efficiently.


Collaboration on different levels. Our services cover various aspects of the product development process. We support our clients from the beginning to the end or in the specific problem at hand. We build on our extensive knowledge of incorporating sustainability strategies into the design process to deliver meaningful results.

Creative direction 

Material research 

Parametric design

Planetary design workshop

Product design 

Science communication

White paper

Made to collaborate.
We believe a diverse approach is key for developing something new. Want to work with us or book a workshop?
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Geared towards transformation, we tackle projects with a thoroughly-researched, outside perspective paired with cultural references and production know-how.



Future materials




From Startup to industry leaders, we work on every scale, delivering innovation from concept to product. Some of our past collaborators and clients include:







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