A common point of departure. We spark ideas, co-create, and design together with cutting-edge clients to explore regenerative futures.
Our process

Design research

Once we’ve identified a point of departure or promising research area, we embark on a journey to discover uncharted areas of knowledge.
White paper
Material innovation
Process innovation
Impact pathways
Design exploration
Let’s start an adventure together

Ideation and scoping

By focusing on the long-term goals of your business, we develop cutting-edge product and service strategies.
Innovation scoping
Design sprint
Design partnership
Concept development
Stakeholder analysis
Ideation workshop
Let’s create something incredible

Product design

From vision to product, our infrastructure enables us to develop, design, and manufacture prototypes quickly and efficiently.
Product showcase
Creative direction
Design brief
User testing
Design lead
Let’s design the future


Geared towards transformation, we tackle projects with a thoroughly-researched, outside perspective paired with cultural references and production know-how.
Sustainable innovation
Biobased Materials
Circular services
Extended Realities
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